Conference Session: Dry-Run

Thursday, November 05, 2020 | 08:30:AM - 09:00:AM CT

This session will serve as a test for a replayed, live session via the platform. This session will be a Zoom webinar that is broadcasted to the platform, those serving as the attendees during the dry-run are encouraged to place some sample questions in the the slido chat below the video player.

The show flow will proceed as follows:

  • 10-minute SAMA pre-roll
  • 1-minute animation loop pre-roll
  • The session (we will cut this short in the interest of time)
  • I will then skip to the end of the video, and the end slide will play asking for feedback.
  • After that slide, the post-roll animation loop will play
  • Once that animation is playing, I will turn on my camera and answer any questions in the slido chat until there are no more questions.
  • Once we are wrapped, we can then all jump into the JOIN THE CONVERSATION: DRY RUN. This is scheduled to start at 8:30AM Central